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Take a closer look at what we've been working on to champion the important issues you care about. 

Since becoming State Representative early, Corey co-sponsored and advocated for a number of bills that benefit and improve the lives for all members of our community. 

Local Funding to Towns – Helping Stabilize and Lower Property Taxes
HB 6941

  • Provided $60 million in new funding for town governments

  • Historic Funding for Local Schools

  • $164 million in new funding to local boards of education

  • Prevented any town from receiving a funding cut to their local schools ($6.5 million)

  • Continued our commitment to funding local boards of education with an honest ECS formula ($45 million)

A Helping Hand to College Students
HB 6941

  • Created a student loan forgiveness program, starting in July 2024, that will forgive up to $20,000 in debt in exchange for volunteering at a local nonprofit

  • Expanded debt-free community college – including subsidies for returning students

  • Stabilized our state colleges and universities by providing $135 million more than the Governor proposed in the two-year budget

  • Provided an increase of more than $500 million in operating support to UConn and CSCU



Helping Kids Live Their Best Lives

PA 23-150

  • Required boards of education to provide translator services and established rights for multilingual learners

SB 1

  • Required high schoolers to take a financial literacy class before graduating

PA 23-44

  • Banned child marriages

  • Protecting Renters

SB 998

  • Increased municipal fines to $2,000 for rental property violations (unsanitary or unsafe living conditions)

  • Capped rental application fees at $50

  • Required a more timely return of security deposits

  • Capped late charges for past due rent


Corey was also appointed to the powerful Appropriations Committee, was recognized as a statewide leader for early childhood education, and successfully acquired over $2.5M in state bonding money for Stamford that will fund the construction of the science observatory center, making city playscapes safe and accessible, and replacing basketball courts and make improvements for Northrop Park.

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