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Corey's Record

Since becoming our state representative early last year, Corey co-sponsored and advocated for a number of bills that benefit and improve the lives for all members of our community. 


  • Food insecurity (HB 6629)

  • Sexual assault (HB 6374)

  • Unfair evictions (HB 6531)

  • Early childhood care (HB 6558)

  • Medical assistance for undocumented immigrants (HB 6687)

  • Workplace rights for mothers with young children (HB 5158)

  • Revise absentee voting statutes (HB 6205)

  • Improve minority teacher recruitment and retention (SB 1034)


Corey was also appointed to the powerful Appropriations Committee, was recognized as a statewide leader for early childhood education, and successfully acquired over $2.5M in state bonding money for Stamford that will fund the construction of the science observatory center, making city playscapes safe and accessible, and replacing basketball courts and make improvements for Northrop Park.

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